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Liste de compatibilité de la Retro Duo

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Liste de compatibilité des jeux avec la Retro-Duo

nom du jeu console PAL NTSC U.S. NTSC Jap genre
1942     shoot-them-up
1943     shoot-them-up
Actraiser   action
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame     rpg
Adventures of Bayou Billy     beat-them-all
Aladdin     plateformes
Another World (Out of this World)     aventure
Arts of Fighting (Ryuuko no Ken)     combat
Axelay   shoot-them-up
Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja (Dragon Ninja)     beat-them-all
Bahamut Lagoon     rpg
Baseball   sport
Batman   plateformes
Batman Forever     beat-them-all
Batman Returns     beat-them-all
Battle Dodgeball: Tokyu Gekitotsu     sport
Battle of Olympus     aventure
BattleToads     beat-them-all
Best Play Baseball Special     sport
Bible Adventures     plateformes
Blackthorne (Blackhawk)     plateformes
Blades of Steel     sport
Blaster Master     plateformes
Blazing Skies     shoot-them-up
Blue Shadow     plateformes
Blues Brothers (the)     plateformes
Breath of Fire 2     rpg
Bugs Bunny Blowout     plateformes
Capcom's Soccer Shoot Out     sport
Castlevania     plateformes
Castlevania 2 : Simon's Quest     plateformes
Castlevania 3 : Dracula's Curse     plateformes
Chiller     nes-zapper
Choplifter 3 : rescue and survive     shoot-them-up
Chrono Trigger   rpg
Commando     shoot-them-up
Contra     shoot-them-up
Darius Twin     shoot-them-up
Der Langrisser (Langrisser)     rpg
Desert Strike     shoot-them-up
Dig Dug 2     puzzle
Donkey Kong Country (Super Donkey Kong) plateformes
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest     plateformes
Donkey Kong Country 3 : Dixie Kong's Double Trouble     plateformes
Double Dragon 3     beat-them-all
Dragon Ball Z : Super butōden 3     combat
Dragon Quest 5     rpg
Dragon Quest 6     rpg
Dragon Warrior     rpg
Dragon Warrior 2     rpg
Dragon Warrior 3     rpg
Dragon Warrior 4     rpg
Dragon's Lair     aventure
Drakkhen     rpg
Duck Hunt nes-zapper
Duck Tales     plateformes
Dungeon magic: sword of the elements     rpg
Dusty Diamond's all star softball     sport
Earthbound     rpg
Earthworm Jim     plateformes
Earthworm Jim 2   plateformes
Elfaria     rpg
Eye of the Beholder     rpg
F-Zero     course
Family Golf     sport
Family Mah Jong 2 : Shanghai he no Michi     puzzle
Family Stadium Baseball '87     sport
Family Stadium Baseball '88     sport
Family tennis     sport
Far East of Eden Zero     rpg
Faxanadu     aventure
Fester's Quest     aventure
Fighting Golf     sport
Final Fantasy     rpg
Final Fantasy 4     rpg
Final Fantasy 5     rpg
Final Fantasy 6 (Final Fantasy 3)   rpg
Final Fight 2     beat-them-all
Fire Emblem     gestion
Fire Emblem : Gaiden     gestion
Fire Fighting     action
Firemen (the)     shoot-them-up
Flashback     aventure
Font Mission     rpg
Front Mission : Gun hazard     rpg
Game Genie     inclassable
Gargoyle's Quest 2     plateformes
Gauntlet     shoot-them-up
Ghost 'n Goblins     plateformes
Gilligan's Island     puzzle
Golf     sport
Goonies 2     aventure
Gradius     shoot-them-up
Guardian Legend     aventure
Gyromite     puzzle
Hydlide     rpg
Hyper Zone     shoot-them-up
Ice Hockey     sport
Ikari Warriors     shoot-them-up
Illusion of Time (Illusion of Gaia)   rpg
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 2     plateformes
Jack Niclaus' Golf     sport
Journey to Silius   plateformes
Jurassic Park     aventure
KaBlooey     action
Kabuki Quantum Fighter   plateformes
Kid Icarus     plateformes
Killer Instinct     combat
Kirby Superstar     plateformes
Kirby's Adventure     plateformes
Kirby's Dream Land 3     plateformes
Kirby's Fun Pak     plateformes
Klax     puzzle
Kung Fu     action
Legacy of the Wizard     aventure
Legend of Kage     action
Legend of Zelda   rpg
Legendary Wings     shoot-them-up
Liberty or Death     gestion
Lode Runner     puzzle
Lufia 2 : Rise of the Sinistrals     rpg
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom     rpg
M.U.L.E.     gestion
Madden 97     sport
Magic of Sheherazade     rpg
Mahjong 1     puzzle
Mario Paint     inclassable
Mega Man 2     plateformes
Mega Man 6     plateformes
Metal Gear     action
Metroid     aventure
Micro Machines     course
Milon's Secret Castle     aventure
Mother     rpg
Musashi no Bouken     rpg
Myke Tison's Punch Out!!   combat
Mystic Quest (Final Fantasy : Mystic Quest)   rpg
NBA Showdown     sport
NHL ' 96     sport
NHL '94     sport
Nigel Mansel     course
Nintendo World Cup     sport
Pac-Man     action
Pac-Mania     action
Paperboy     action
Peace Keepers (the)     beat-them-all
Phalanx     shoot-them-up
Pilot Wings     inclassable
Plok     plateformes
Pro Action Replay mk 2.t     inclassable
Pro Quarterback     sport
Pro Wrestling   combat
Quattro Adventure     plateformes
Rad Racer     course
Rescue : the Embassy Mission     action
Rise of the Robots     combat
Rival Turf     beat-them-all
Rock n' Roll Racing     course
Rolling Thunder     action
Romance of the Three Kingdoms     gestion
Romancing Saga 3     rpg
Secret of Evermore     rpg
Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2)   rpg
Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3)     rpg
Section Z   shoot-them-up
Septentrion     aventure
Shadowrun     rpg
Shaq-Fu     combat
Sid Meier's Civilization     gestion
Sim City Jr     gestion
Soccer     sport
Solar Jetman     action
Solomon's Key     puzzle
Solstice     aventure
Spy Hunter     course
Star Wars     action
Stargate     action
StarTropics   rpg
StarTropics 2 : Zoda's Revenge     rpg
Starwing (Starfox)   shoot-them-up
Stealth ATF     action
Street Fighter 2 combat
Street Fighter 2 turbo     combat
Strider     action
Suito Homu (Sweet Home)     rpg
Sunday Funday     plateformes
Super Bases Loaded     sport
Super Castles     gestion
Super Castlevania 4   plateformes
Super Game Boy     inclassable
Super Gatchapon World SD Gundam x     gestion
Super Mario All Stars   plateformes
Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World     plateformes
Super Mario Bros plateformes
Super Mario Bros 2     plateformes
Super Mario Bros 3     plateformes
Super Mario Kart   course
Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars (v 1.0)     rpg
Super Mario World   plateformes
Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island     plateformes
Super Metroid     aventure
Super Probotector     shoot-them-up
Super Punch Out !!     combat
Super R-Type   shoot-them-up
Super Real Baseball '88     sport
Super Smash TV     shoot-them-up
Super Street Fighter 2   combat
Super Swiv     shoot-them-up
Super Tennis   sport
Sword Master     aventure
Syvalion     shoot-them-up
Tactics Ogre: let us cling together     gestion
Tales of Phantasia     rpg
Tecmo cup: soccer game     sport
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles   plateformes
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2 : the Arcade Game     beat-them-all
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 3 : the Manhattan Project     beat-them-all
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Tournament Fighters     combat
Tennis     sport
Terranigma     rpg
Tetris     puzzle
The Lawnmower Man (Le Cobaye)     action
The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past (Zelda 3)   rpg
Tiger Heli     shoot-them-up
Top Gear     course
Trojan     action
Ultima : the False Prophet (Ultima 6)     rpg
VegaVox     inclassable
Vice : Project Doom     action
Virtual Soccer     sport
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego     puzzle
Wing Commander     shoot-them-up
Wing Commander : the Secret Missions (Wing Commander 2)     shoot-them-up
Wonder Project J     rpg
Wrath of the Black Manta     action
Wrestlemania Challenge     combat
Xevious     shoot-them-up
Yoshi     puzzle
Yoshi's Cookie     puzzle
Yoshi's Cookie     puzzle
Zelda 2 : the Adventure of Link     rpg